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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bangkok Day5(7Aug12 ):Back to Singapore~❤

This 5D4N bangkok was going to end within a blink of eyes. We were starting to miss bangkok.

We decided to rest more before we embark on the journey back home.

Attracted by the long queue everyday, we decided to gave the Japanese restaurant a try. Hubby went down to make reservation while i do the final packing and checking. He was rejected as they does not accept any reservation. Therefore, we went straight to the restaurant after checking out and left our luggages at the reception.

The Japanese restaurant,"Sushi Masa" is located at the entrance of Siam Sawana Hotel. The restaurant is kind of small. It was divided into two section, the main hall with the sushi counter and the other part of the restaurant with the preparation counter.

Mainly, they served sushi and sashimi. The choice was quite limited but you were be able to find special sushi like Foie gras sushi. They were selling the sushi by piece,so it does not come in 2 pieces as shown on the menu.

Here come our food:

California maki

When they served up the canifornia roll , i was shocked that it was really huge.It tasted normal.

Unagi don

I love their Unagi don. It super yummy.The unagi given were generous.Each pieces were thick and yummy.The rice was nicely favored with the unagi sauce.


Thick Salmon

The sushi taste normal to us too. However,i like their salmon sushi as it was fresh.

Overall, if you were a lover of sashimi and dont mind spending. It worth the wait and try.

Food : ❤❤
Overall Rating : ❤❤
Total Spending : 1070BHT(SGD$42)

After lunch,we headed to the airport.I really appreciated the help and information that was given by the bellboy at the hotel.He went all the way to the main road to help us to hail a taxi, and even help us to ask for a reasonable taxi fare.

After checking in,We went to have our early dinner at Dragon Jade before we board the plane.

Lemon juice with soda

Chicken rice

The chicken was tasteless and the rice was not really fragrant too.However,the chilli sauce was nice.It had the spicy and sourish taste. It really made the chicken rice better.

Mango sticky rice

In order to round up my bangkok trip, hubby order mango thick rice for me even thought it's expensive.It soo yummy and sweet as usual. I simply fell deeply in love with it.

Food : ❤❤
Overall Rating : ❤❤
Total Spending : 727BHT(SGD$28)

Soon,We departed from bangkok.


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