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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Annalakshmi Restaurant : Indian Vegetarian ~❤

I am not sure have anyone heard of Annalaskshmi. Thanks Annalakshmi for the food tasting event.

This is not the first time i dine in Annalaskshmi. This is the third time I dine there. I been to Annalakshmi when it is located at Chinatown point. They had relocated to Havelock Rd. I was introduce to Annalakshmi by a Indian ex-colleague.

Please do not get scared away from this big heavy door which is always close. They are actually open if you come during opening hours.

Annalaskshmi observes a Swayamvara concept, where guest of the restaurant pay as you wish for the food consumed. It is the philosophies of Swami Shantananda Saraswati. The food that is serve in the restaurant is prepared by volunteers.

Mango Lassi 

Lassi is a popular, traditional, yougurt-based drink, it originated in India's Punjab region. Lassi is a blend of yogurt,water and spices or fruits. 

I like the Mango Lassi as it very rich. 

Masala Dosai 

The Masala Dosai was thin and crispy fully packed with the potatoes filling. They were very generous with their serving, it was huge for me. The potato dosai is accompanied by 3 different dipped sauce. The orange color dip was Spicy tomato chutney. You able to see small chucks of tomatoes inside. The green color dip was coconut chutney. Personally, I prefer to have the dosai with the curry sauce. The Spicy tomato chutney goes well with the dosai too.

 Khum Masala (Mushroom), Paneer Palak and Garlic Nann 

This three dishes were recommended by the boss of the restaurant. Do take know that, the serving you see in the pictures were reduced. I am not sure how generous are they with the normal serving. 

The Khum Masala was fried mushroom served in a onion based gravy. I does not really like the taste of the onion. Even thought the gravy is onion based but it does not have the very strong onion taste which i dont like. I am not very sure do the added tomato into the gravy but it had the very nice touch of sweetness. 

The Paneer Palak was cottage cheese with mildly spiced spinach. I love the Panner palak. It tasted like spinach soup but a much thicker version. I did not expect that the cottage cheese will be served in little cubes. It simply just melt in you mouth. 

The Garlic Nann goes perfectly well with both dishes. 

Coming to the buffet line .. 

Previously when I dined in Annalakshmi, the buffet spread was good. It ranged from birynai, curries, dhal and sweets.

According to the boss, coming up next on my blog, it their Wednesday Special. 


The soup had a hinge of spicyness. I am not used to the taste of it. 

Fried Bee hoon and Fried vegetable with flour 

I does not know what is the actual name of this dish. It is like a very thin crepes made by rice flour I think. 

The staff cooking in on the stop 

The rice crepes can be eaten with four different sauces. 

Sugar and coconut milk 

If you are having a sweet tooth, you can have the crepes in sugar and coconut. To me, the sweetness make it like dessert. 

If you like more savoy sides, you can have the rice crepes in vegetables cooked in yogurt or curry.


My plate with a little of everything 


20 Havelock Road
Village Residence
Clarke Quay

Tel : 6339 9993

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating :


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