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Saturday, January 26, 2013

High Tea at Carousel ~❤

After so many years of craving and waiting, finally I am able to dine in Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scott.

Thanks to my boyfriend for the wonderful treat.

Beware of lot of yummy food photos that are coming up as you scroll down the post !!

It definitely will make you hungry and drools  !!

I love the High Tea spread. They have a good and tempting dessert's and food's spread.

Chocolate Fondue

Scones, Pastry and Muffins


Nonya Kuehs

Bread Pudding

Ice Kachang




Cold Seafoods

Salad bar

Fried Carrot Cake and Oyster Omelette


Kueh Pai Ti

Lo Mai Kai

Indian Rojak

Let see what was on our plate !

I loved the salmon slices. It's fresh and juicy, The sushi were yummy too..

The carrot cake was nice, I like the chili that came with it. As for the sandwiches, It just tasted normal. 

The soba was normal too. According to my boyfriend, the sauce was abit tasteless.

I love the prawn.It was super fresh and yummy.Salmon again .. Hahaha

The Nasi Lemark was yummy, The rice was very fragrance. I loved the curry vegetable.

The fried item wasn't nice. I found it super oily.

My boyfriend felt that the laska was nice. However, I felt that the soup base was not thick enough. 

Indian Rojak and chicken kebab

Century egg porridge

The chocolate pudding was super moist and chocolaty. Perfect dessert for chocolate lovers.

The caramel pudding was very nice but super sweet. You will only enjoy it unless you have a super sweet tooth like me.

Last but not least. All the cakes were all so nice.

After this meal, I really wonder how many kilograms had I added to myself.

If you are looking for High Tea in Orchard area, Carousel can be one of you choice.

Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts
25 Scotts Road
Singapore 228220
Tel : 6737 7966

For more information : Carousel

RP Map

Food : 
Service :
Price : $43 ++ each person
Overall Rating : 


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