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Monday, September 24, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore ~❤

The long awaited trip to Universal Studio Singapore to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. It so difficult to give surprise to a person who tend to get suspicious easily and hard to follow plan. However, I still manage to keep the suspense of the mini surprise that his friends were coming along.

unwaken look 

After meeting up with his friends, We decided to have our breakfast at Ruyi as we were attracted with by the $4.90 breakfast set. However, we ended up eating from their ala-carte menu. 


Promotion leaflet 



Waiting for my food 

Shrimp Wanton soup with vegetable 

I ordered Shrimp wanton soup with vegetable as I doesn't want something that is heavy. The shrimp wanton was quite nice.The skin was thin and the filling was filled with shrimps.However, I don't really like the soup base as it was oily.

Mincemeat noodle (Zha Jiang Mian) 

According to the guys, the noodle was very dry and tasted normal. 

I wonder why it is charge at such high price other than it is located in Resort World Sentosa. The food was serve in paper bowl and plastic spoon and for.I don't really like the idea as it is not environment friendly. 

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 

Thanks to Kaijie, we were able to get our ticket at a discounted price with a $5 retail voucher and $5 meal voucher. 

Finally, we embarked on our journey to Universal Studio Singapore !! Let the fun begin ~ ❤ 

Our first stop : Madagascar ; A Crate Adventure

" I like to move it, move it.
  I like to move it, move it.
  I like to move it, move it.
  Ya, like to move it. "

Awaiting for my turn

Off we go ~ woohoo 

I love all the Madagascar's figuring that they display on both side of the waterway. Some of them were really funny.This ride is highly recommend for kids.

At the end of the ride, we exited through the souvenir shop.

Our favourite character 

On our way to Far Far Away Land. 

Next up, Enchanted Airway at Far Far Away Land.

I am a person who unable to take thrill rides as i am afraid of heigh and speed. I does not like the plunging feeling. I was sort of get cheated up by the guys saying that a mild ride without knowing it is an mini roller coaster.

Scary cat 

This is not the first time I took such thrill ride with my boyfriend. I took before pirate ship at Escape theme park in years back with my ex. This ride was thrilling for me. However, it make me realise that I had not make the wrong decision to be with my boyfriend.This little actions gave me great security.This sense of security that allow me to rely on him forever. Thanks hubby~❤

In order to calm me down, we went to watch Shrek 4D Adventure.

Candyfloss time ~❤

Awaiting for Shrek 4D

Introduction before the show

So how is Shrek 4D ? Experience it yourselves (: 

Princess Fiona and Shrek

Gingerbread Man

Welcome to Jurassic Park. 

Dino attack 

Cute little puppet dino

I love the little dino.It look so alive with the control of the staff . The reaction of the dino was real fast. 
Good Job ~ 


Canopy Flyer

Dry pod that cost $5


We end up never get the chance to watch the Waterworld show as we had missed the timing. 

As we manage to escape from Jurassic Park, We came to Ancient Egypt.  

Best Buddies


The highlight of Ancient Egypt is their indoor roller coaster, "Revenge Of The Mummy". My boyfriend and his buddy played 2 times.Heard was fun but however, I still does not have the courage to take the rides. 

After all the fun, We decided to settle our lunch before we headed back for more fun. We had our lunch at the Street Foods of Malaysia. It was said to have all the best food in Malaysia all under one roof. However, the lunch was pretty disappointing.

Prawn Noodle

The prawn noodle was super super oily. The noodle and bee hoon were all coated with oil. I felt super gross eating it. After 2 mouth, I passed the whole bowl to my boyfriend.

Price : $5 
Food : Under Rating


Char Kway Teo

From the first look for this plate of char kway teo. What came into your mind ? 
It look like Pad Thai. However, it does not taste like one. Thanks god that the char kway teo was not that oily. It tasted normal,nothing much special about. I will not have it for the second time. 

Price : $5 
Food : 

Chicken Rice Ball

Comment from boyfriend's friend. The chicken was very dry and tasteless. The rice was not nice too even when it is coated with the sauce. 

Food : Under Rating

Malaysia Style Fried Hokkien Mee/Prawn Noodle

According to my boyfriend's friend.The Fried Hokkien Mee/Prawn Noodle was cooked in dark sauce in malaysia.It looks oily but however it not that unbearable. The taste was nice too but a bit salty. If you are someone who prefer heavier appetite, you can try this since it is hard to find in Singapore.

Food : 


Rilakkuma Bento

My second surprise for hubby,Rilakkuma bento. Due to the hot weather and all the ride,the arrangement went out of place and the cheeses were all melted. Glad that my boyfriend like it. 

After our lunch, we went back to Universal Studio. 

Next in line, "Transformer The Ride; The Ultimate 3D battle"

Remember your 3D spec 

My favourite ride of all.I love how the image syncs to the movement of the car. It is thrilling but fun ! Total worth the experience ~ 

Souvenir from Transformer 

The highlight of the whole trip : Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Glactica is the world's tallest dueling roller coaster.

My boyfriend and his friends conquered both "Human" and "Cylon" . Around of applause ~ 

We continue to roam around and have more funs.. 

Lala Lala ~ Elmo's World ~❤

Love the Sesame Street School Bus


Yum Yum ~ Cookie 

And the fun continue on ~

We decided to stop for Ben and Jerry Ice Cream. Perfect for thee day ! We used up our meal voucher for our ice cream , $0.30 for ice cream !! Woohoo ~

Awarded " Best Boyfriend"

Trying to stuff it into my mouth ~

To end the journey ! I saw my best friend, Po .. Kungfu Panda !!

We decided to head for some good food. We travel all the way from Sentosa to Yishun for our favourite 
"Taste of Thailand" They never fail me each time. 

Pineapple Rice

Lemon Chicken

Sambal KangKong

TomYum Soup

Fried Cuttlefish

Sweet and Sour pork

Hotplate Toufu

What next after dinner ? Desert Time ! 

We went to meet one of my boyfriend's friend who unable to make it down in the afternoon for desert and catch up ~ 

Ice Milk Tea

Huge Red Bean Ice Kachang

Custard Buns

Carrot Cake 

A day of fun and food ~ Hope my boyfriend love his Birthday Celebration. 


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