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Friday, February 22, 2013

Authentic Thai Food at Aroy Dee ~❤

Ever since I came back from Bangkok last year, I had been missing the good and yummy Thai food. I am also a huge fan of Thai food. It really hard to find very authentic Thai food in Singapore. 

My dearest hubby was super sweet to came down to my workplace to fetch me for dinner. We decided to 
dine in Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen which located near my work place. 

Food Menu 



I guessed that Aroy Dee should be open by a Thai or the chef is a Thai. The interior of the small cafe is filled with Thai's element like the portrait of the King of Thailand. It make me feel like I am in Thailand. The staffs seem to be Thai too by listening to their accent when they took our orders. 

It kind of crowded on that day, we waited quite long for our food. However, I felt that it really worth the wait. The serving was very generous too. 

Green Curry Fried Rice 

The green curry fried rice was super yummy. It not like our normal fried rice , for the green curry fried rice was a bit damp. Each grain of rice was coated with green curry. The chicken is tender too.

Phad Thai

We thought that their serving will be small. Therefore, we ordered a $9 Phad Thai. We were shocked when it being serve to us, the serving was huge. I love the Phad Thai. I got the Thailand taste. It super delicious. 

I will be back for more authentic Thai food. 

Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen
262 Middle Road 
Singapore 188989

Food : 
Service :
Price : $15 for 2 pax
Overall Rating : 


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