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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our future home at Compassvale Cape ~❤

After dating for almost 2 years , We decided to move towards our second stage of our life together. You may feel that it is too early for us to apply for our flat. 

However, we felt that we are the right person for each other. Our love is the only one of the reasons.

Most importantly, It is pretty hard to get a new flat in Singapore. I do have friends who applied for their flat for 4 times and above. They still are unable to get a good queue number through the balloting system. When it reaches their turn, the flats are either all sold out or left with the lowest levels. 

Another reason was we need to wait for at least 3 years before the BTO flats are ready for us to move in. Prices for resale flats are way too high for us to afford at the moment. 

At first, I almost give up my hope for the March BTO as our queue number was 993. There is only a total of 841 4-rooms flats available across two different parts of Sengkang. Not forgetting about the numbers of applicants, there is a total of 2408 applicants. The numbers were scary ! 

"Will we get to a chance to choose our future home ? 

Lucky, the answer is YES ! 

Our friends was telling us that we are really lucky that we are able to choose the units on our 1st application. 

Indeed we are very lucky ! 

Lucky to have each other <3


Lucky to be able to choose a desire unit from whatever that was left behind. 

Now let me introduce my future home and the estate.


In the March BTO, there were a total of 3 different towns avaliable ; Sengkang, Punggol and Bukit Batok.

Under Sengkang, there were two different estates available, "Compassvale Cape" and "Campassvale Helm"  

We decided to have our future home to be located in Compassvale Cape as it was just a 5 to 7 minutes walking distant from my future-in-laws 's place.

Hoping for the "Stay near parents" government grant so lessen our burden. Sadly to know on the day of application that the grant is only available for re-sale flat.
Coming back to the problem, re-sale flats are so expensive now.

Stay near to parents have it's own benefits. You can easily go back home for dinner which also mean no cooking need and lesser housework to do. Yeah !!

There not the main reason for us even though partly is. Hehes (:

Compassvale Cape is situated beside my secondary school. I had never expected myself staying near my school. It is 10 minutes walk to the Sengkang MRT which is still acceptable to us.

 Here the proposed facilities in the estate. I love the little shopping plaza that will be available. The shopping plaza have make simple grocery shopping and food easier for us.

One thing which I don't really understand and like is the structure of each individual blocks. There are various slanting units and units which living-room facing other aircon ledge.

Illustration of the floor for my block

The optional floor tiles for the living room and bedroom were not to our liking.Therefore we decided to opt them out.

If I am able to opt out the kitchen and toilets tiles, I will definitely opt them out. I really does not like the colors. 

Overlaying with our desired tiles is the only options we have now.

Bedroom door (left side) Main door (right side)

I opted out the bedrooms door too. The bedroom doors are semi solid and I does not really like the colors too. Most importantly, the doors are prone to permanent scratches.

We are so proud to buy a premium flat with almost nothing build in. 

The 3D model of Compassvale Cape 

We spotted our unit on the 3D model !! 

Now, lets wait for 3 years later
Saturday, August 17, 2013


Having vegetarian or vegan food is not a foreign things to me as my parents are vegetarian. Since young, I had always hope to have vegetarian fast food. Veganburg have make my dream come true. 

Thanks to Openrice for giving me this opportunity to try Veganburg and to share this wonderful place to my family. 

Veganburg is the first vegan fast food chain in Singapore. Instead of have junk food, Veganburg provide a healthy, nutritious and wholesome fast food for the whole family. 

Share your love with others at Toy Share

Seaweed Fries

In Veganburg, their fries are salt-free. The fries was lighting coated with seaweed. However, I cant really taste the seaweed. I believe that they replace the salt that was commonly use in seasoning the fries with the natural light saltiness of the seaweed, The fries was well-fried.The outer coating was crispy and the inner was soft. 

Handmade Spinach Pop

Their spinach pop was handmade with love daily. The spinach pop will be a great finger food for kids. The potato and spinach was a great combination. The handmade spinach pop came with satay sauce. The satay sauce was fragrant, however I feel that it overpower the natural taste of the spinach pop. I prefer the spinach pop without the dip.

Vegan Frank

I believe everyone know of mock meat. Mock meat is usually soya-based or gulten-based. Veganburg had created their own mock hot dog using toufu. I had been eating alot of different mock hotdog before. I can say Veganburg serve the best mock hotdog. I love the soft toufu taste. 

Smoky BBQ 

The smoky BBQ was combination of thick mince mushroom patty with smokey BBQ with layers of fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and alfafa. 

Hawaiian Teriyaki

The Hawaiian Teriyaki is high in Vitamin C and Potassium. It was a combination of pineapple and soya patty. 

Satay Char-Grilled 

The satay char-grilled was special. The Satay sauce goes very well with the vegan patty as it adds more flavor to the patty.

Limited Edition Chilli Krabby 

Spongebob Krabby burger is now available in Verganburg now! This is one of my favorite burger. I love the spiciness of the patty. 

Cracked Pepper Mayo

The cracked pepper mayo is one of their best-seller. The pepperish mayonnaise goes well with the vegan patty. It lifted the taste of the burger. 

Creamy Shroom 

Shroomilicious. I love the creamy shroom the best. Their dairy-free cream go well with the button mushrooms and the vegan patty. The vegan patty was crispy.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Even though, the chocolate cake does not contain egg and milk, it tasted yummy too. I love the marshmallow on top which is not very sweet.


The GrandStand
200 Turf Club Road

Phone: 6462 1281

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Service :
Overall Rating : 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Strawberry Marshmallow Jelly Jar from SHM Cafe~❤

I had wanted to try the cake in the jar but did not really have a chance to. While waiting for my vendor,I decided to roam around The Central. Spotted this cafe, Stay Home Mum Cafe (SHMC). 

I decided to try out out their cake in the jar. The lady boss recommended one of their best sellers, Jelly Jar. According to the lady boss, their cakes were all freshly baked daily in their shop. 

I love the different layer of colors.

Huge heart-shaped strawberry

The heart-shaped strawberry remind me of the heart-shaped strawberry sushi that someone did for me before in the past. I simply adore heart-shaped strawberry. It really take a lot of effort to cut the strawberry into heart shape.

The jelly jar was made up three different layer. The base of the jelly jar was made up biscuit. I think they used digestive biscuit. It have the very slight touch of saltiness which made the whole jelly jar to another level. The second layers was surprising made by marshmallow instead of the normal cheese cake or sponge cake. It simply does not taste like marshmallow. It was creamy and rich. It just melt in mouth. In our perception, marshmallows are very sweet. Fear not, this marshmallow was simply perfect. It not very sweet and you will not get sick of it. It definitely will make you ask for more. The top layer was strawberry jelly.
The strawberry jelly was done up perfectly too. It is not too soft. 

I simply love Stay Home Mum Cafe's Jelly Jar ! I really wish to try out their other favors. 
Come and experience the unforgettable combination of the Jelly Jar and other creation by SHMCafe. 

SHM Cafe

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central #B1-27C

Contact No: 9696 6215

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