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Friday, June 1, 2012

Vivocity & Mustafa~❤

Met up with VinceW at vivocity for dinner after our work. As he will be abit late, i went to shop shop around while i wait.

We had our dinner at Seah Lim Hawker Centre. We had been there for a few times.Nothing much special there, more toward Indian and Muslim food. As we were walking around the hawker , i decided to try out their Yong Tau Foo. It is those traditional type where they have the standard 6 pieces of ingredients. Surprisingly, It taste super nice. The soup is well-flavoured and the fragrance still lingers in your mouth after a mouthful of soup .You wont feel salty at all. The Ingredients was fresh.Never regret in having the yong tau foo ~ I didn't take photo of the shop but it should be the only store there. Look out for the long queue.

Will come back for home. VinceW ate sambal fried chicken rice from a Malay store.

After the dinner, we went to VivoCity to shop shop. Toy'rus will always be in our route. Can call us childish but we just love to spent time over there.

After the trip to toy'rus , we decided to rush to daiso to get fake eyelashes for cousin's wedding.

We passed by True Fitness as we took the wrong escalator up. Since, VinceW and me were having the intention of signing up for a gym. We decided to peek at the gym. Suddenly , a staff came to approach us with the june promotion as they were giving out a free 2 week pass. We decided to jus listen as he told us it will take 5 mins. However, it ended up with a more than 30 mins conversation. We had a chance to measure our BMI and the fat % in our body.. But i ended up is heavier by 2kg and shorter by 3 cm.. OMG !!
We got to talk to the boss of True Fitness as we asked for a lower membership fee..However, it is still not to the price we were looking at and the 2 years commitment was too long. We decided to give it a miss.

Due to the long conversation.My daiso was closed.

Since i will not be meeting VinceW on saturday, we decided to spent more time together. therefore , we headed to Mustafa. No pictures there , as my bag were cable-tied.

Had a fun and long day, shall recharged for cousin wedding tml morning (:


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