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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tatty Marsh Blogger Party ~❤

Do you love vintage, retro, floral, sweet, polka dots and pretty stuffs ? 
Love to stand out from the crowd ? 

Let me introduce Tatty Marsh ! 

You will be able to find everything that are pretty in Tatty Marsh. ❤❤❤ Tatty Marsh carries brands like Cath Kidston , Emma Bridgewater etc. All the products that you find in Tatty Mash are all from the UK. 

Thanks to Tatty Marsh and Street Directory for hosting this fun bloggers party. 

VIP wor

Emma Bridgewater's window showcase

This vintage post bin or should I called it a post box (hmmm..*) drawn my attention the moment I entered the shop. Isn't it pretty ? 

Pretty Cath Kidston's cups

How I really wish I have a baby, I simply love the Cath Kidston's baby series. It so cute ❤.

Baggie Time 

Cute Owl from Cath Kidston

Nice display idea

Pretty cups and tea sets


Heart Heart ❤❤

Retro suitcase storage boxes


These soaps look so delicious and pretty. I don't bare to use them for bathing.

Sweet as Candy !

Pinkertons bags

I really love the pink Pinkerton bag. I really hope that I had won the lucky draw but too bad. 

Vintage photo frames

Retro Type writer

Vintage sign

Make my friends fat please !! 

This will be my favorite quote from now on. 


Lots of goodies from Tatty Marsh

The wonder woman behind this beautiful Tatty Marsh store, Victoria

Head down now to Tatty Marsh for a shopping spree!

Tatty Marsh 

163 Tanglin Road
Tanglin Mall 

For more information : Tatty Marsh Website 

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