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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kawaii food journey at Fullhouse ~❤

I had embarked on a kawaii journey at Fullhouse Singapore. Let me bring you through the wonderful journey.. 

Lets Go ........ 

Fullhouse is one the first theme restaurants in Singapore. It is a casual and trendy place where you can unwind,drink and dine in a perfect home atmosphere. Fullhouse is serving a comprehensive selection array of scrumptious Western fusion cuisine.

The Fullhouse family consist of Daddy Thomas,Mummy Tracy, Tiffani and Tony, as well as their pet dog, Tony.

Here the Map to their kawaii Fullhouse.

We are greeted by Tony at the front pouch of Full House

The famous landmark of Fullhouse, Vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper Classic. 

How I wish I can have the Mini Copper. It is super kawaii with it colorful strips on. 

Voom..Voom.. Off we go 

The main cafe is located at the second level of  Rendezvous Hotel Gallery.

Mummy Tracy is here to welcome us. 

pretty fountain with rubber duckies

The menu is super kawaii too. They have comics at the back of the menu. I forgotten to take a picture of the comic. So check it out yourself at the cafe. One thing, I does not like about the menu, is that the menu doesn't include dessert. There dessert showcase is located outside the cafe.

We simply cannot decided on what to eat for our dinner. Everything look so delicious.

Finally here come our food (:

 Vongole Spaghetti

Oven Toasted Chicken Tenderlion 

Wasabi Fish and Wedges

Pan-Sear Dory Fish 

 Onion Ring and Calamari Ring with Wasibi Mayo 

Lemon Green Tea ($4.90) , Jasmine and Lemongrass tea (S6.90), 
Mango + Grape topped with Green Apple Jelly ($6.90)

Here my best schoolmates.. We really enjoy the dinner at Fullhouse.

After the dinner, We took a walk around the cafe..

Dinner area

Master bedroom


Fullhouse tee 

The Living Room

Come down to Fullhouse to experience it. 

Food : 
Service :
Price : $112 for 4 pax
Overall Rating : 


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