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Monday, October 29, 2012

Chilling At O' Coffee Club After Exam ~❤

Finally, we were done with our accounting and management exam. It also marked the end of my 2 months in Kaplan. It has been a tiring 2 months.It is really hard juggling my time between my shift full time job, school, bloging and my personal time with my dearest boyfriend. 

Attending classes in school may be a easy things for everyone out there. However for me , it was really a struggle at first as I had phobia in attending classes during my depression in my polytechnic days and even my first private school days. I am felt blessed that I had finally walk out for it. 

Thanks to my boyfriend support , understanding and love he had given to me during this period. Not forgetting, the wonderful girlfriends that I had met during the course.Thanks Fyda,Yumiko and Kah Yee in all the accompany and help during these 2 months. Love you girls lots lots. 

My girlfriends and Me (Opps, my fringe ..unglamess :p)

All our energy were drain from the exam and we were all hungry. Looking for food is easy at orchard road as you have a the major food chain available everywhere. However, looking for food at 1030 pm is a little bit challenging as we does not want to eat fast food. 

We found the 24hrs O' Coffee club that is located outside of H&M. I had been passing by the coffee club for so many year but I had never realise that it is operating on 24hrs. 

I love the cosy environment and the outdoor environment  It really a nice place to chill with your friends after a long day of shopping or work for some light bites or drink. Enjoying the food,the music and chat or gossip with yours friends. OMG ! THAT'S LIFE !! 

Coffee Club Menu

Foodie Time !! Time to fill our hungry tummy with all the nice food.

Ice Coffee 

Crunchy Hazelnut blend 

Strawberry and Lychee Smoothie

Pink for the Pink me

Simply love the smoothie too much 

5 Reasons why I cant help but to love the strawberry and lychee smoothie.

#Reason 1 : It is PINK ! 
#Reason 2 : PRETTY PINK just cheer and make my day (: 
#Reason 3 : It made up of 2 of my favourite fruits , Strawberry and Lychee
#Reason 4 : I love the lychee bits that is in the smoothie
#Reason 5 : It yummy and refreshing.

Savoury potato platter with cheese melt

This savoury potato platter was served wrongly to us. However, it look yummy with all the different kinds of potatoes so I just took a photo on it. According to the menu, the platter consist of French fries, Potato wedges, Potato gnocchi and Herb potato cake accompany by melted cheese and salsa dip. It looks tempting. However, one thing I don't like is that they mix the cheese and salsa together, I prefer it to be separated.

Mexican Quesadilla with Bolognaise

I tried abit for the Mexican Quesadilla. It tasted normal but I like the chunky tomato salsa. It added more flavour to the Quesadilla.

Fish and Chip

The fish and chip was nice.The batter was thin and crispy and the fish is fresh. I love the whole glass of the hommade tartar sauce.It goes perfectly well with the fish and chip. 

Teriyaki Chicken Potato Skin 

Last but not least, I ordered Teriyaki chicken potato skin.I cant make up my mind between the Cottage pie and the Teriyaki chicken potato skin. I ended up ordering the Teriyaki chicken potato skin as I wanted something light for the night.It is not up to my expectation.It tasted a bit boring as there not much of texture. The Teriyaki chicken tasted nice on its own with the cheese on top. Overall, I still feel that the food is acceptable, not something that very fantastic.

O'Coffee Club

Address : Orchard Fountain Corner (Outside H&M)
323 Orchard Road
Contact No : 6736 2081

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 
Total Spending : $66

More pictures of us enjoying the wonderful night. I never realise that my fringe went centre parting. So unglam. But what else to care after exam , Let your hair down !

May god bless us with a wonderful passing grade,


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