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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cafe with a Kick ~❤



Kungfu Paradise is one of the concept restaurant under paradise group. At Kungfu paradise,where East meets West.At Kungfu Paradise give the best of both worlds. They serve Hongkong cuisine and popular Western food. Kungfu Paradise is a casual dining hangout that open pass midnight,a perfect place to chill or to have a late dinner/supper.

My girlfriends and I was shopping at Bugis + until we had forgotten about the timing and our hungry tummy. We felt hungry after we were done with our shopping.By then, It already pass 10pm already.As we were thinking of where to go for our dinner , the La senza staff recommend us to Kungfu Paradise. Thanks babe for such good recommendation. Without waiting,we went over to the cafe.

I love the atmosphere for the cafe. A nice ans cosy place to chill with your friends after a day of work or shopping. The menu looking supper yummy as it serve both Hongkong cuisine and Western food. We literally cannot decided what to have for our dinner.Everything look so yummy.  

Yummy Menu 

Passionfruit Iced Tea 

We ordered the Lemongrass Ice Tea, Rockmelon Iced Tea and the Passionfruit Iced Tea. The Iced Tea is refreshing and nice. All the three flavors were nice. If you like something sweeter, you can choose the Rockmelon Iced Tea.

Shrooming Mushroom Salad

Soup-o- Minestrone 

Kungfu French Toast 
This is heavenly. The Toast is thick and yummy. Instead of giving a jar of maple syrup, they provide the whole bottle. We can have as much of maple syrup as we want. Woo.. Sweetness Overdose.

Kungfu Burger 

I love the burger. We thought that it will be those bite size burger but the size is just right for us. The chicken filet was very juicy and tender.The terayaki sauce is nice. The bun is alot more yummy as the sauce slip into it. It worth to give it a try. 

Steam Lava Custard Bun

It is our favorite dish. Cant imagine that we order 1 each for the 3 of us. The moment you bite or peel open,the warm egg yolk custatrd flow out of the bun. Heavenly and simply cannot resist it. The Lava Custard Bun is the best so far for what I have eaten previously. I highly recommend to order this when you visit the cafe.

We really had a wonderful meal at Kungfu Paradise. I will visit you again for other yummy food. Sadly, we forgotten to take group photo. 

Our loots from Sephora and La Senza

Kungfu Paradise 
201 Victoria Street 
#01-13 Bugis +
Singapore 188067
Tel : 6884 7375
 (No reservation)

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 


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