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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lets Get Cheesy with Domino's Pizza~❤

Thanks to OMY and Domino's Pizza for hosting the pizza tasting.

New promotion at Domino's Pizza ! 

Lets Get Cheesy ! 

One is never enough,therefore two is better then one. Domino's pizza is having a Double Pizza Deal with free EXTRA cheese ! You can have a choice of either two of the "Very Veggie", "Classic Pepperoni", "Hawaiian Paradise" and "Classified Chicken". 

Domino's Pizza have made online ordering more convenience for us. Download the Domino's Iphone application now.

Marketing manager of Domino's Pizza demonstrating the usage of the app

Time to track your pizza !! 

Finally and finally is MAKAN time.

Very Veggie 

Hawaiian Paradise 

Classic Pepperoni 


Classified Chicken

Date Pudding

Chocolate Lava Cake 


Onion Ring

The slice is bigger den my face !! 

Domino's Pizza staff

Group photo 


Hui Yan

Order your Domino's Pizza Now ! 

Call 6222 6333 for Delivery 


Download Domino's Pizza Iphone App 

For more information : Visit Domino's Pizza

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