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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review on Plantronics ML10 bluetooth headset ~❤

As my boyfriend always talks to me on the phone while working on his sideline, he decided to get a Bluetooth headset so that he can talk to me without having to stop his work. That's so sweet of him~

As a first-time user of a Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics ML10 is quite a simple-to-use gadget. My boyfriend is an IT-savvy guy, therefore setting up any gadget would not be a challenge to him. According to him, the ML10 can be linked up with his Android phone easily without any hassle. The design is simple, with separate buttons for volume, power on/off and call answer/end. The contoured eartip allows the headset to hook nicely onto his ear, preventing it from accidentally dropping off.

However, there are some things that he does not like about the headset. One of which is that it does not allow him to listen to music. ML10 is a Bluetooth headset purely for answering of calls. Another disadvantage is that he mentioned that he could not hear properly once he leaves his room with his phone in the room. According to the specifications, the headset is supposed to have a working distance of 10m, which apparently is not too accurate. He thinks that maybe the walls of the room might have affected the working distance.

From the User Manual

Plantronics ML10 is originally retailed at $59 at Challenger, however he bought it at a discounted price of $39 with membership.
It is also available at the upcoming COMEX 2012 at $49.

COMEX 2012 Flyer

I hope you guys like this review as this is my first gadget review with the help of my boyfriend.

Hurry down to Challenger if you want to get a basic Bluetooth headset at a reasonable price, hopefully the membership promotion is still available and you can save an additional $10 as compared to buying from COMEX 2012.


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