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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Product Review on Nillkin Phone Cover~❤

My boyfriend has just bought 2 Nillkin phone covers for his beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 2. For the start, everyone should know that most phone covers are made in China, and many have the wrong impression that products made in China are of a lower quality. Today, I am going to show you guys that products made in China can be of a good quality.

Nillkin is a company that started in 2009 from ShenZhen, China. The company has been producing quality phone covers for various phones. I believe it is easy to find Nillkin phone covers and screen protectors in Singapore. Another good brand that produces quality phone covers is Rock.

Website of Rock:

Prior to this, my boyfriend has been using the Nillkin cover for his Google Nexus 7 for almost half a year. He is quite impressed with the quality, thus decided to buy his phone cover from Nillkin again.

He was so excited when he received his phone covers.

Included in the package are:
- 1 x Nillkin Leather Case
- 1 x Ultra Crystal Screen Protector
- 1 x Micro-fiber Fabric

We opened up the one with the "criss cross" design.

The quality is good and definitely one of the better ones out there. The flip-cover provides maximum protection for your devices. Good especially you are those that protect your phone like your baby and get paranoid whenever your phone hits something.

I especially love the details and the feel of the cover. It feels solid and the "criss cross" design provides additional friction to enhance the user's grip, other than for its ecstatic use. It is not easy to attach the cover to the phone, which also means that it will not be easy for the cover to detach from the phone. Either way, this is not a major issue.
Overall, it is a good cover and value for money. In addition to the cover, the package also comes with a free screen protector. I would definitely recommend Nillkin to anyone out there that is looking for a good phone cover.

Some product photos of the 2 covers he has bought:

Nillkin (耐尔金) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Covers:
(格调) 黑色+膜 / "Criss Cross" design w/ Screen Protector - about S$15
(型色) 黑色+膜 / "Internal Pocket" design w/ Screen Protector - about S$15


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