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Monday, September 17, 2012

Experience at Marie France BodyLine ~❤

Thanks to Marie France Bodyline for the free trail given to me. This is not my first time going to an slimming center.

Here my experience at  Marie France Bodyline ( Marina Square branch)

The moment I entered the slimming center , it gave me the very relaxing and clamming atmosphere. It feel more like a spa then a slimming center. They have soothing music playing at the background. The whole place was scented with the sweet and a bit of flowery smell. The staffs are very friendly and helpful.

Reception Counter 

I had book the appointment on the wrong date. The center was quite crowded due to the road closure of the Formula 1 Race. Everyone seem to be rushing to get their treatment done before the event. I waited for almost for 30 mins before the consultation with their in house nutritionist. They have a form for you to indicated the reason of slimming and the area that you which to save. After that, they will recommend their services to best solve the problems. The consultant that was attending to me wasn't doing any hard selling at all. She pointed out those area that I need to slim and tone up. She clearly explain what were the different services and their benefit in order for me to achieve my desire weight and shape.

After the consultation, I had to wait for almost 1 hours plus before my turn. During this period of them, I am serve with their flower tea and green tea. While waiting, I feel that the services in Marie France Bodyline is really good. As the queue for the treatment was pretty long.The staff apologize and advise their customer to go for a walk before heading back. The staff also are having very good relationship with the customers. You does not have the pressure while waiting.

Finally, it was my turn. I am doing their signature body wrap to tone up my sagging parts of my body. I was brought into an room and change to the kimono provided. When i am ready, tea was serve to me. I was also given a hand massage before the start of the treatment. Body wrap was literally wrapping your body up using something that look alike to the clingwrap. I was amazing that the wrap was cold instead of hot. Will cold wrap burnt fat ? I think they should be using some kind of special chemical. The wrap was 30 minutes. I feel like a pupa, all wrapped up. Movement was very restricted too.

After the 30 minutes, I finally broke off from the wrap. I was given a warm pile of water and tower to do some basic cleaning up before changing.

So have I lost an inch or two ? Answer is NO. It is not because the session was not successful. According to the consultant, i will not be able to see significant lost with just one session.

Lets shall see, how will the session goes on. I will update on my following sessions in the next month.

For more information on their services and pricing.
Visit their website : Marie France or any of their six outlets


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