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Monday, October 3, 2011

New Begining

After so many months of uncertainty,Finally i decided to settle down..

Leave the past behind and looking forward to the future.

Knowing you as a friend seem to the greatest thing this year. You make me see the little beam of light from the future. Even though, i really dont know what the future is but at least with you beside i feel more secured. I have been walking in circles and going back to square 1 over this years. Is you that gave me the little confidence and support to walk forward . Thanks lot my direction Angel ..

I know i had been mentioning in my blog or prev blog that i want to slim down.but had never really achieve it. For this time,i am not going to give up. I shall change the hurts n hate from her into my motivation to be slimmer n prettier then you.. If i ever decided to revenge after i slim down , i shall slowly take away everyone from you n tear off your mask ..

Jiayou !! Fighting !! I aiming to at least hint 60 kg by end of the year..

I shall work towards my dream from now on !!


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