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Monday, October 3, 2011

i simply love October .. cause my birthday is coming !! woohoo~

Started the month with " Camping with vince "

My first experience in camping.. At first i just want to be there for him as i know he had been trouble and sad over his past relationship. But somehow , it ended up with happiness and sweetness in the air for me.. Hope he feel the same.. hehes

Wanted to watch star star but it was super cloudy.. a bit sad cox no star star.. However, we had a h2h talk with each other and listening to music.. I really hope that the time can be freezes up for that night.

Is kind of hot that night.. not much of sea breeze. literally,sweating alot .. but can slim down leii.. hahas..cheapo kind 0f sauna .. But still enjoy myself .. It only start to become windy around 3 but it ended up raining.Lucky for us. we decided to pack up after feeling that the weather will change. It rains once,we reach shelter not long.Feel like playing under the rain but never bring up the request cox i wear heels ..

Really have a totally enjoyable night .. <3


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