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Sunday, August 14, 2011
I am totally lost now .. i really dun knw what i am doing ? Took up a new part time job at honshin golf.. but somehow i feel that i cannot make it. I feel so restless to go work . I miss the noisy noisy n fun supermarket. The shop to be is so cold. After my 1st day of work, i feel so tired.wanting to find someone to talk to and realize i m alone now.I no longer the ger that will always love going work n cant wait to finish work cox you will know there always him waiting for u downstair or outside to give u a warm warm hug. No matter how tired the work , you will jus feel is worth it.

I starting to pick up in my insurance but there still alot to learn and achieve. Work is stressing me , Debts is stressing me now. I feel so useless.. YY submited 7 cases within like less then a mth but me .. haix .. plus yiming will get his code soon , another high flyer in the unit. I cant be stopping at where i am .. i kind of more experience but yet i like not achieve anything at all..

Dad wanted to chase me out of the house today because i dun wan go work. All i get from the family is beating n nagging n $$$$$ ... may be that all dey care. I got no one to turn to .. feel so unloved .. I need the strength to continue leaving on but however i cant find it at all..

i am such a failure in life


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