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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sakura charcoal grill and shabu shabu~❤

I had been craving for Sakura charcoal grill and shabu shabu for a very long time. The last time, I ate over at the restaurant was a few years back during Chinese New Year. 

Sakura charcoal grill and shabu shabu is located at Punggol Marina Country Club. The country club provide shuttle bus services to and fro from Sengkang Mrt. 

Here the link to the shuttle bus schedule : Marina Country Club

Since Mid-Autumn Festival is tomorrow. My boyfriend and I decided have a gathering with his friends while I bring along my new friend. However, only one of his friends able to make it. 

In Sakura charcoal grill and shabu shabu, you have to settle your bills before the start of your meal. The whole place was not air conditional. However, the air ventilation was not bad as there were ample of fans and some air cooler along the pavement.

The staffs there is friendly especially an uncle. He patiently explain to us, the method of eating the charcoal grill and shabu shabu in order to have the best out of the food. However, the service was alright only.The staffs does not clear the dirty plates frequently.We had to leave all the dirty plates at the empty table beside us. 

Lets talk about the food. 

In Sakura charcoal grill and shabu shabu, you will be able to find a great and huge variety for food. All their food were all clearly named. For their meat section, they will state which were the meat for grilling and shabu shabu. Their cook food variety was not bad too. You will also be able to find deserts and lots of flavors of ice cream.

Charcoal grill and shabu shabu

Part of the resturant

Meat Section


Boiling soup base


Meats and more Meats

Cha soba and soba

Fried Ebi and Nugget

Shabu Shabu indgredients

Fried Noodles


Golden Mushrooms


Table full of food

We were all busying eating especially me as I am really hungry after exam in the afternoon.

Sakura Charcoal Grill and Shabu Shabu

Address : Marina Country Club 
600 Punggol Seventeen Avenue
Singapore 839734
Contact No : 6385 8197
Url : Suki Group

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 
Total Spending : $30per person 

After the wonderful dinner, We stroll using the park connector from the Country Club to Punggol End.
We did not expect it to be crowded with people celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festive.

We found a little corner and started playing with sparkles and candles. It really brought back a lot of childhood memories.

I am glad that everyone enjoyed the night. 


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