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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review on Buffalo MiniStation HD-PNTU3 Series~❤

It had been years since my WD hard disk was spoilt. I finally gotten a new hard disk during the last Comex fair. In the Comex fair, you were usually get spoilt with choices as you were getting all the different brands under one roof.

After looking around, my boyfriends decided to get the 1 TB Buffalo MiniStation HD-PNTUS for me.Most importantly, I finally gotten a pink hard disk ~❤

I simply love my hard disk. Other then it is pink in color, it is light and slim. You can easily bring it around. As i am a very clumsy person, this hard disk is totally made for me. The hard disk had incorporate a rugged shock proof casing with build in springs and air cushioned,silicon shock dampers that help to prevent data loss from accidental damage. I can get a piece of mind of when bringing it around and using it. The hard disk is user friendly too. I just need to insert the usb cable into my computer and I will be able to back up all my files.

Here are the specification of the hard-disk :

If you are looking for a hard disk that is durable, stylist, compactable and value for money. You can give Buffalo Mini Station a thought. I not sure the retailing price now but I bought it at $119 during Comex. It is available in 6 different colors. It came with a 3 years warranty too.


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