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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gundam Age-1 Normal SD ~❤

Remember the Gunpla Expo World Tour that just past over the weekends?

My boyfriend and me bought a few gundam model kits.
Total damaged over the one week : $360

We were kind of disappointed as we were didn't manage to get the Strike Freedom Gundam Metallic Finish.

I bought my first gundam at the fair, Gundam Age-1 SD version. Here my experience as a first timer model builder.

In the model kit box, it consist of the user manual, 5 different pieces of the parts and the stickers. The user manual consist of the different steps to build the gundam as while as a few pages of comic. The guide is very user friendly, you just need to follow the instruction closely accompany with correct parts, you will have no issue in the building.

Even thought, it is easy and the guide is user friendly. I still met with some little problems during the process. One of the problem that I facing was that the different body parts came falling apart when it was fix together. With the help of my boyfriend, I came to know that I didn't fixed the parts tight enough. Other that this, the hands of my gundam came falling off too whenever i fixed in the shield and gun. I found out that the angle and direction of the bearing must be correct. The bearing plays a important part to the flexibility and movement of the gundam.

Here my finish product. Super adorable right ?

But that not the end of it. Drawing the details on the gundam play a important role too. However, this is optional and depend on each individual. The drawing will give the gundam a more detail finish.

Age-1 Normal with gundam marker paint

Without drawing

With drawing
Are you able to spot the different ?

Personally, I feel that this part is where it determine how skilful and professional the gundam builder is. If you are thinking that the drawing is just by tracing the lines. You are wrong ! There alot of different technics and skills needed to the drawing. At first I think it is easy too but when I started doing the hands-on, I finally understand. I keep drawing out of the line as most of them are very fine and short. Your hand must be very stable when you draw the stroke. Even though, you are able to erase the drawing using the special gundam marker eraser pen. You have to do it over a few times to get it right. Other then that, you have to make use the colors are evenly draw on the model. It is really a test for patience . I really admire those professional builders and collectors especially those who draws really detail gundam. Salute ~

Here my final product with all the drawing done with the help of my boyfriend.

Introducing Gundam Age-1 Normal SD verison ~❤

Hope you enjoy and like my post.Stay tune for more "Gundam Style" (:


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