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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Mist~❤

Introducing my new beauty favourite : Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Mist.

Here some information on Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Mist from SANA website.

Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Mist is a moisturising mist that can be use after cleansing,bathing or make-up and leaves skin feeling moisturises instantly.This boost of moisture comes from 3 types of Hyaluronic Acids,Acerola Berry Extract and honey.It also contains,Placental Protein which is easily absorbed by skin.Placental Protein is rich in nutrients,amino acids and growth factor.It stimulates skin cell renewal to revitalize the skin.It also visibly reduce and fights sign of skin aging and whitens.

My skin had become very dry after working airport previously.I had been using Evian facial spray for quite long.Now, i prefer Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Mist. The mist is thicker as it is make up of 100% Aquaplacenta. The mist help to hydrated and moisturise my skin.The mist get easily absorb into the skin.It also help me to hydrate my skin for a longer period as compare to Evian. Another thing that i like about Hadanomy Aquaplacenta mist is that it had a sweet flora smell.

I shall try out their other products too.

Hadanomy is selling at most major departmental stores and SASA outlets.


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