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Monday, August 27, 2012

我们都不完美 Imperfect Movie Gala Preview ~❤

Thanks to OMY.SG for the invitation to "我们都不完美Imperfect" movie gala preview.

We collected our ticket form the friendly staffs from Clover flims. We headed to Fig & Olive for a quick Mediterranean dinner before the event start.

Fig &Olive Menu

Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti

Maghrivi Chicken with olive rice

Food :
Overall Rating :
Total Spending : $32.01

Finally, Imperfect Red Carpet ! All the fans of the main cast had been waiting for this moment. Other than the main cast.Celebrities like hui ge , zhen ge ping , ou xuan , jeremy and lots more were there to gave support to this movie.Here some of the shots taken at the red carpet :

Main Cast

Before the movie

Have you ever took the wrong path in life ?

Storyline :

" Jianhao, Zach and Square are buddies. The trio was forced to separate, when Jianhao was sent to a Boys' Home after hurting someone in the course of protecting Zach. Jianhao's mother - Huifang was devastated. After Jianhao's term at the Boys' Home, Huifang arranged for him to help out at her stall in Bugis. With the encouragement of his girlfriend - Shan Shan, Jianhao decided to retake his 'O' level. Everyone is happy about Jianhao's attempt to have a fresh start. However, the good days are short-lived. Zach and Jianhao joined the triad, to escape the bullying of Alex, their arch-rival, who is also the son of triad leader, Guodong. In one of the clashes, Jianhao saves his leader, Zhihua, leaving an impression on the latter. Zhihua and Guodong are enemies, their rivalry intensified when Zach and Jianhao injured Alex severely, leaving him comatose. Guodong is determined to avenge his son and the party of Jianhao, Zach and Square became fugitives overnight... With Guodong and the police racing to capture the trio, will Zhihua come to the boys' rescue? "

I had been looking forward to "我们都不完美 Imperfect". It did not disappoint me. The graphic is really good. I love the way this movie was filmed. Some parts of the movie , you will be able to see the "lomography" feel which is not found in most of the movies. The fighting scenes were well taken too.

I love how the director used the little pot of flower that JianHao's little sister , Xin Xin have, to illustrate the message he is trying to put across. The pot of plant withered at the beginning of the movie and eventually bloom with the care of JianHao. I believe that a person is able to change for the better with determination and also help and support from his family and friend. One day, you will eventually bloom like the pot of flower.

The fellow young actors and actresses had make great improvements in their acting skills. If you are a fan of Edwin,Ian or Kimberly. You definitely will not want to miss their wonderful work. (:

One strong point that i feel is really good is that, they emphasized that joining gang is not as cool as what most teenagers think. You might be able to enjoy all luxuries like Zach did through illegals ways. However, there is always a price to pay. It also reflect the selfishness of human nature and brotherhood does not really exist in the real world. When the boys decided to seek help from their so-called brothers, the gang decided to keep themselves out of the grudges between the boys and Guodong (the other gang leader).

Since the movie is titled "Imperfect", here are some of the imperfections in the movie. The plot progresses too rapidly into revenge. They also had left some parts of the story hanging in the air like the relationship between the mother, Huifang and Noi Ge. Other than that some parts of the movie are very expected like one can expect that Jianhao is the son of Zhihua, the moment Huifang went to look for Zhihua for help.

However,there are a lot of great learning points that everyone able to take home with them.

1) No matter what happen in your life, the people who will always stand by your side will always be your family!

2)No matter how bad a person is , if he is willing to change , he can eventually walk back into the correct path.

Overall,other than the violent scenes , you will be able to experience the different levels of love. It is really a touching and heartwarming movie.

Overall Rating:

Catch " 我们都不完美 Imperfect " in all local cinemas from 30Aug onwards.



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