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Monday, May 21, 2012

Taste of Thailand~❤

A simple place that have lots of wonderful memories . It is also our favorite dinner hangout.

"Taste of Thailand " is the only place that have memories that just belong to us.

The first time , hubby bought me there was after our trip to HarPawVilla. Back then, we just knew each other not long ago and i had just started to have feeling toward him. The food there was totally yummy. It is the best Thai food i ate in Singapore even thought it is not very authentic Thai food but more toward the zichar feel. During that dinner , i was really touch by his little gentleman act of serving food for me throughout the whole dinner. On that day, i fall in love with the love there.

The second visit was on the day that we are officially attach together. The day i declared he is offically mine !! haha (:

Over at " Taste of Thailand " i am had my first dinner with his family n siblings other then his place. The family feel that i long wanted for with my boyfriend's family.

Both of us, simply love the food over there.A place that you can really enjoy good food in really cheap price. Most important, is value for money !! I had always wanted to bring my girl friends over to try but till now i didn't get a chance to.

Here some of our favorite dishes that was a must to order.

Pineapple Rice

Hotplate Toufu

Tomyum soup
Fried Kang Kong in Sambal


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