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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Journey to a better me ~❤

" Fat Pig ! " " Air Pork ! " " Monster Figure ! " " Fatty Oil ! "

All these were names that i had been called by my school mate ever since secondary school. I had been on the bigger side for more then 10 years. The slimmest time i remember was also 67kg when i am in secondary 2 after TAF club training but my weight bounce by within months. I had always admired other girls who can dress up and look fashionable. However for all this year, i had not been putting enough effort into slimming and was giving up half way when i dont really see much results. I had also always hope to be rich enough to go to slimming center or lucky enough to be selected for those slimming contest while you are able to slim down for free.Thing remain the same and my weight is increasing as the years goes by until i hit 82kg.

I decided to slim down in Oct 2011 when i knew my boyfriend.The reason of me decided to slim down is not mainly due to him. I wanted to be prettier and better so that my ex boyfriend will regret and i can have more confidence in myself. The main motivation came from me wanting to be better then one of my friend. Knowing that i wanted to slim down, Vincent share with me his own slimming story and his friend successful story.I told myself, since so many people had successfully slim down and why cant i achieve the same thing or even better . I decided to embark on the journey in slimming.No matter how tough the journey is i will continue till i hit my target weight of 60kg !! It always hard to start off or get yourself to exercise after not doing for a long period of time. I was grateful that as a start , my boyfriend decided to accompany me in my runs.It really help alot to have a running partner for a start.Due to not exercise for very long, you tend to pant alot and weak stamina.Having someone beside u as a pacer,can help to encourage you and boost you on ! If this your first run or had not been exercising, you can start off by 2hr of walking, it will be better is is brisk walking as it help to prepare your body. Always start small.You van start by running for 30 mins at yout own comfortable speed. After that, try to increase the timing and speed. As time go by, your stamina will improve. Most important is to preserver. I am a girl who is so lazy to run to someone who enjoy running and can complete 6km of run. Even thought, it doesnt seem alot but is a big achievement for me.

For those who is running alone and feel that giving up. Dont worry !! i had another tips for you. You can enjoy running with your favourite song list .
You can choose song with faster tempo or clubbing song to give you the Energy.My favourite running song is " run devil run " from SNSD . You will have the boost when you decided to stop or walk during your run. Usually is our devil in us that is telling us that you are tried, you can conquer the devil in u, u have achieve half of the journey already. Start your run today !! (:

What other exercise i do to lose weight ? Instead of taking the lift , i took the stairs up when going home. Basically i stay on the 14 storey, i will climb up almost 3 to 4 time a day. It will be a great exercise during raining day. Climbing stairs help to tone up yours leg. Other then climbing stairs, i do 100 sets of sit up and push up every morning, an hour and half of hula hoop .you can do your hula hoop while u are watching your tv instead of sitting at the sofa,move your will help in burring off the calories in the body ! Practicing yoga help u to tone up and stretch your body. Start moving your body today !

I will share with you about the benefits of the each exercise and where it is targeting on. Lets get pretty and slim together !

More Pictures of me to share with you ~

The past that i never want i back !

April 2011

Aug 2009

Aug 2009

21st birthday ~

Current me ~ a more confident me !!


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