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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back to blogging ~❤

Finally I am officially back to blogging !! I had been missing for quite a long time in blogging even on me and my hubby blog. This year is super great year for me.Even thought is busy but thing are starting to improve a lot as time go by. I had decided to re-launch my blog due to alot of my friends is asking me how i slim down and the encouragement by my boyfriend. Thank to him, i had such a beautiful blog with my favorite, Hello Kitty despite his busy schedule . For those reader that had been reading my old blog will remember that i had been very aimless and emo
over these years , however thing are and will be getting better since this year !

Some highlight of event that had been happening and will be happening ~

I am officially attach on 11 Nov 2011 ~

After ending a relationship with my ex boyfriend after being together for nearly to 6 years. I had not really trusted or love anyone else after that. Even though is a mutual break up but it is still painful. I had been socializing alot after the break off but however is still unable to find the right person that i really will fall in love with.

Until 24 Sept 2011 , i met out with a friend who i had been talking online for quite a while. There the start of the little changes i had in my life. Being hurt for our previous relationship, we understand each other feeling and had been supporting each other in getting over the hurts and pain. We started by sharing with each other how much give to the other during our previous relationship.This brought us alot closer to each other and realizing that we are very similar. We started to have a lot for H2H sessions with each other and accompany each other as much as possible As days goes by , i also didnt realize that i had already fallen for him. Every time i heard what he did to his ex and was rejected or ignore make my heart break and hurts. Even so at the point of time, i knew that we are impossible cause his love for her is deep. I just told myself that i will just stay by his side to support him. As time goes by , we start to spent almost every day with each other and our feeling for each other started to grow. Finally on 11 Nov 2011 , we decided to accompany each other and support each other to continue walking down into our future. I really happy that i am given the best boyfriend , the right man that i had always wanted.

Reasons why i love him :

1) I love his ambitious toward his future that make you feel secure as he know what he want to achieve in his life

2) I love his attitude toward life and the things he do as he will always give his very best in everything he do

3) I love his love for his family as you know next time he will care and love his own family

4) I love the way he will take note of small little things

5) I love his strong character

6) I love the way he nag and push me ~ hehes (:

7) He care and dotes me alot

8) We have alot of similarities in the things we love

9) We had this wonderful chemistry between us that we can know each other thinking

10) We are very open to each other and can talk to each other about anything

and many many mores..

Without him , i will not have slim down , will not have achieve alot of things in my life . He is my hero my greatest love

ii I slim down from 82kg to 62 kg within a period of 3 months !! The biggest achievement i get within this year. All this can be done due to the support of my boyfriend, he gave me the biggest encouragement and support !! I Had never imaging myself to slim down after being at the bigger side after all this year. I had yet achieve my desire weight and size . I will still try my best to achieve it and share my journey with everyone. I will do a separated posting on this as it will be super long . Stay tuned to that ..

Me during Oct 2011

My current photo took this month
( Feb 2012)

Coming up :

THEKITTYHOUSE ~ hello kitty blog and bakery !!
New fashion look and better make up skills !!


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