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Saturday, July 30, 2011

After so much that happens recently , i am totally lost. You have been my world whole my everything since i know u. But after so much that happen , i know it clearly in my heart that i no long can rely and depend on anyone.

From now on , i got to have my direction clear and really work toward what i want and the kind of life i want. I am not longer let u affect my lifestyle anymore. I got to be more happier then the time i am with you .. I wanted to wait till 110811 but i dun seem any purpose anymore.So what i decided to wait for you at the place that we celebrated our 1st yr anni .. so ? nothing will change .. all i will is to hurt myself again ..

From now on i am going to close the chapter completely.. Is time to move on !!

기름 ! 기름 ! 기름 ! 싸움 ! 싸움 !


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