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Monday, March 11, 2013

SteelSeries 4HD Mouse Pad ~❤

My boyfriend bought a SteelSeries 4HD Mouse Pad during the IT Show 2013 at S$29 today. So now I will do a comparison between the Steelseries 4HD vs Steekseries QCK (which he previously owned).

Some people might think that a mouse pad is something that is negligible. Most mouses in the market today are built with high-end Bluetrack Technology which enables the mouses to be used in all surfaces without a need for a mouse pad. Having said this, there is in fact a difference between using a mouse pad and without, and also a difference between a good mouse pad and a normal mouse pad. My boyfriend, being a graphic designer and a avid gamer, he is very particular about his gaming and computer needs. There’s actually a lot of science, technology and craftsmanship that goes into making one that’s great for gaming.

He was previously using the SteelSeries QCK for close to 2 years, and he feels that as compared to the 4HD, QCK actually provides more control due to its clothed surface. The feel of the QCK is actually slightly better than that of the 4HD. However, the 4HD provides a faster and smoother glide across the surface. It is also hard, thus making it good for uneven table top. Both mouse pads have rubber base at the bottom to provide an anti-slip function during usage.


In his opinion, he liked the feel of the QCK more than the 4HD. QCK lasted for 1.5 year, we shall see how durable is the 4HD. Only time will tell...


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