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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review on Life Buoy Total 10 Body Wash~❤


Thanks to Lifebuoy for the free giveaway for the Lifebuoy Total 10 300ml body wash. (:

Here some background of Lifebuoy:

Lifebuoy started with William Lever's goal to stop Cholera in Victorian England.Over the past century, they evolved into the world's #1 germ protection soap and a worldwide leader bringing better health and hygiene to billions.

Lifebuoy is design for active kids who need unbeatable protection. It provide long lasting germ protection after bath. It also help to fight against 10 different bacteria.

Lifebuoy Total 10 body wash contains our patented ingredient, Active 5 along with active thymol,know its powerful natural antiseptic properties. Thymol was first discovered in 1719 by Caspar Neumann and derives from the popular common herb,thyme. The rich,creamy form in the body wash reaches deep into the pores,deeply cleanses and remove germs that cause the top 10 skin infections,leaving your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Ingredient: Natural active thymol & advanced germ protection ingredient, Active 5

Pearl pink creamy body wash

I had been using the body wash for the past few days. I like the pearl pink body wash, it came with a nice flora smell.It is gentle to my skin.I feel refresh after bath. Most important, I am protect from the bacteria.


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