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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bangkok Day2 (4Aug12) :Chatuchuk and JJ Mall~❤

We woke up at around 9am and prepare to embark on a shopping craze at Chatuchuk Weekend market.

All ready to shop

BTS Card

Direction to Chatuchuk : Alight at Mo chit (N8) station. Walk 5 mins and u will reached the exciting Chatuchuk Weekend market.

Chatuchuk Map

The first shop that i spent in

As we shopped around, we came into the Pets Section.

We were welcome by a whole stretch of marine shops ! You will be able to find Gold fish, Koi, Baby Lobster,Terrapin even Sting ray and baby sharks.

Super huge gold fish


Baby Lobsters



You will also able to find shops selling rabbits,dogs,cats and hamsters etc. Nothing much special right ? But as we walked on, we found shops selling squirrels, lizards and alot for exotic animals. Too bad, they don't allow photo taking for all the exotic animals.

We tried to dig our way out of the section and continue with our shopping. We didnt realise that we had not eat anything since morning until to came across a waffle shop. We bought the chocolate waffle. The whole waffle was chocolate and it was accompany with lots of cashew nuts. The waffles was super thick too.It was piping hot as it was freshly made on the spot. However, it was too hot for us to take picture of it.

Waffle Shop
Chocolate Waffle 30BHT

Food : ❤❤❤

We had our lunch at a small little cafe.

The Menu

Fresh Coconut

Mango Sticky Rice 120BHT

I love the Mango sticky rice.The mango were super super sweet,the sticky rice was fantastic too.It is a total "MUST EAT"

Fried Rice 60 BHT

Phai Thai 60BHT

The Fried rice and Phai thai were super nice too. They were also very generous with the ingredient.

Food : ❤❤❤❤❤
Overall Rating : ❤❤❤❤❤
Total Spending : 280BHT(SGD11)

A meal will never feel completed without desert. As we walked down the road. We spotted a shop selling homemade coconut ice cream. I will say this is a "MUST EAT" too. It definately will be able to cool you down from the hot weather. The shop provide free-flow of coconut drink too.

Coconut Ice cream with Nata de coco,corn and peanuts 30BHT

Food : ❤❤❤❤❤

After our ice-cream,we continue with more shopping.

We decided to set off for Rot Fai Market. We went to ask for direction around.Since it only open at 6pm,we decided to check out the route 1st. we found a whole inner street selling vintage and really pretty furniture.


Vintage rocking horse

After that, we decided to go to JJ Mall. If you are a vintage lover, it worth checking the mall out. There a few shop selling vintage stuff. We also spotted a shop that selling all the rome big deco for the house. An eye-opener. They were really rich to buy all this deco to place in their house.

If u are a lover of leather-made stationery.I will strongly recommend "Dee Leather" at JJ mall. They have a wide range of stationery to bags . Hubby bought a watch display box at the shop. They quoted us 2050 bht for the watch display box. We find it kind of ex as it was the same price as singapore.In the end , they quoted us 1800 bht. I strongly recommend this shop as they have really good customer service. They took a new pieces for us to check. Looking at the box, we find it was acceptable. The store owner help us to clean up the box. After awhile , she started looking around the shop for another box. This really caught me and hubby thinking. She took another display box for us. She inform us that the previous display box had a flaw at the ribbon which we had never notice. There really very sweet and thoughtful of her. She can just ignore it and sell us the display box. After checking through the new display box again, she clean up the whole display box again and packed nicely for us . With this kind of service, the 1800 bht was really well spent.
After all the shopping , we had our dinner at Chester's Grill.

Food :
Overall Rating :

After the dinner, We set for to Rot Fai Vintage Market.


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