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Sunday, June 17, 2012


As i will be working shift for the rest of next week, i will unable to meet hubby as often as we used do every day.Miss those days.We simply cant get enough of each other.

We decided to go for dating at orchard. We met each other at 10am in the morning so that we would have more time to spent with each other. However , i am a very dili dali person. By then, when i reach hubby's House .I bought along the bean-curd i made ( *will do a post on the making bean-curd soon ) on Saturday for the family. I am super happy that he comment that i had improve alot on my beancurb. (:

We decided to walk down the who stretch of orchard road starting from Dobhy Ghuat. It had been long since we were out so early.

First stop, we decided to check out MDIS before we start shopping.We decided to check out some courses to upgrade our self. Since it was closed, we decided to have our lunch as Aston's.
It had been long since we ate Astons, and it never fail us always. The wait for my lunch took quite a while even thought there not much customers around.We ordered Lemon Lime Chicken with onion ring and coleslaw (Vincew's) , Black Pepper Fish with BBQ beans and Garden Veggies (Mine's) and our favorite nuggets.

Lemon Lime Chicken with onion ring and coleslaw


Black Pepper Fish with BBQ beans and Garden Veggies

After the hearty lunch. We continue with our window shopping down the orchard route.

We manged to bump into the vintage car exhibition and mini flea. I am a fan for retro and vintage stuff. Simply love all the vintage car. How i wish i can own one of them , especially the Volkswagen Mini Bus.

After the exhibition, We continue our shopping trip. Just outside The Central.They were having the Courtesy Lion Mascot. We went to took photo with the mascot before we head on with our shopping.


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