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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun Saturday @ NEX~❤

Saturday to me is super precious. After 5 days of working , Saturday is the only day, i can really spent time with hubby. Even thought we meet every day after work but is was just barely that few hours of time together. I simply love this Saturday. Even thought is not within our plan of going to Funan and orchard to shop. I had a great time shopping @ NEX.

Meet hubby up at Compass Point as i need to do an exchange of clothes from Pepper Plus. My mum bought a top during their closing down sales but unable to fit in. I was like browsing through the racks of clothes they had.I took long time to get a top that i like for the exchange. Next up , we went G200 to look for the blazer that i had been eyeing on long ago. G200 is having a 40% discount on their blazer. On top of that , they are having a 15% addition discount for POSB/DBS card holder but need min of 2 pieces . However, the blazer that i want , the size is not available. Thanks to the sales person who help me to check for the size from the other outlets. Lucky for me , NEX have my size and the design. Or not i will get nag by my dearest hubby ~ haha

We decided to go to NEX instead to shop since is already 5 plus.

The moment we reach NEX , we headed to G200 before someone bought the blazer away.Super Kaisu !! Haha. I am super happy that i manage to get the correct size. Previously, i was trying on size 36 but unable to lift up my hand. Hubby ask me to trying lifting up both of my hand and i stupidly did it making both of us laughing like crazy in the shop. He keep making me laugh and laugh. As we were going to make payment, A white with pink strips shirt caught hubby's eyes and he ask we to go and try. I picked a shorts to try with the shirt and blazer. I look super funny in shorts.It is those that is 1/2 length n just slightly above knee cap one. I ended up look super auntie.. Since there is a 15% , i decided to buy the blazer as while as shirt. Original Price for blazer : $159 and Original Price for shirt : $ 59. Total bill : $114.24 Total Saving : $103.76 . Isn't is a great deal ?

We went to shop around while we decided on where to have our dinner. Being a fan of Korea food and my hubby who love bbq so much. We decided to gave Crystal Jade Korean BBQ a try. Crystal Jade is know for their Chinese food but didn't know that they even have Korean bbq. The Price for weekend is $26++ which is almost the same as Seoul Garden. However, they come with free chicken ginseng soup.I love the cosy environment. It does not have the stuffy and smoky feel.The distance between the tables was wonderful cause is two rows of table with one lane. You wont feel cramp of having another group of people beside you.

The spread they have was simply wonderful. They have lots of variety of cooked food. We took a few to try. I love the fried Korea dong fen.Even thought it is cook plain with dark soya sauce, i think so. It super Q and nice. Another must try , is their Ddukbokkie. I think they improvise it to suit the local taste. It was cook in dark soya sauce. It look like our normal dark carrot cake. I regret taking too little as not much is left. When i went back , they didn't top it up. Other then this two dishes that i recommended,they have fried rice , fried noodles , veges , curry chicken , fried prawn , mussels etc.Another things to recommends , their kimchi was super duble nice. Love it to max.

The free chicken ginseng soup that they serve was wonderful.

I am someone who cant resisted desert. Instead of leaving it to the last. I went to attack the deserts. They have 3 Jelly cup and 3 type of agar agar . I love their colourful jelly, it simply melt in your mouth. The green jelly, we were unsured about the flavour as i feel that is honeydew but hubby say is rockmelon. It was sweet and i love it too. The last one was the coconut flavour, it tasted quite nice too. As for the agar agar , i love the Guihua n wolfberry jelly. It have the very like guihua taste, and the jelly is super Q. For the other two flavours, i dont really like them.

Finally,Coming to BBQ n Steamboat. One thing that i dont really like is that , they only provide two soup base, " Kimchi " and " Pork Ribs " . I am not a pork person so i choose kimchi . How is wish they have the ginseng chicken soup as base. The spread of the ingredient on bbq and steamboat were not bad too. They had a different ranges of meats ( from chicken to lamb ) and seafoods ( fishes to crab ). They have a wide range of vegs and foods for steamboat.

Finally get to sit down and cook our food ~ cant wait for the yummy yummy food. The meats was in quite big pieces unlike Seoul Garden which came in strips. However , the flavouring is not as fantastic as Seoul Garden.

Overall , it really worth to gave it a try. (:

After dinner , we carried on with our shopping. Watson was having sales too , and i dont think i will gave it a miss. Grabbed a few of my daily toiletries .. You can visit the store for more wonderful discount.

It so tempting , everywhere seem to be having sales ~ We went on to search for hubby's bag. In the end , we didn't managed to get hubby's bag.However , We bought a Nike tee shirt for hubby @ 20% discount.

The last stop for our shopping was at NTUC FAIRPRICE. We decided to buy the Memory pillow that was on discount. Selling now @ $19.90. I wanted to buy for hubby at first as recently he was really tired out due to the heavy work load. But ended up , Hubby insisted of buying for himself and me as well.

Somehow , in our conversation, hubby suggested me to drink power milk instead HL milk. We went to the baby milk section. After much selection , Hubby felt that i should try GAIN IQ as i am stupid .. hahas. Maybe i would really gain more IQ after drinking the milk. LOL. Hubby also tempted to drink milk too. He is already too smart that why he cant drink GAIN IQ or not i dont think i can handle him.. Haha.. We ended up just bought milk for me. We continue on our grocery shopping..

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