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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mask !! ~❤

I was shopping at Bugis Sasa during my lunch time went i discover the cute Little Twins Stars Mask. It is too adorable , i bought one of them. However , after i finish my work i decided to go back to buy the other 2 design and ended up bought lots of facial mask ~

The Little Twins Stars Mask come in 3 different series :

1) Little Twins Stars Diamond White Revitalizing Mask - White
2) Little Twins Stars Berries White Moisturizing Mask - Pink
3) Little Twins Stars All in One Whitening Mask

Currently they are having a 20% discount on all Little Twins Stars Series. They have the facial wash too. The mask is $1.80 per pieces after the discount . I have not yet try the mask , will review on each of them on the coming week

The other two Mask , i bought was rather interesting too.The 今天我最mask is " Cellina Bridal Brightening Mask " It is recommended to use before wedding or important function to brighten up your face and let your make up stay longer .. Sound not bad right !! Hmm..

The other is the Eye Mask from 我的心僟.I love the tagline for the brand " 愛美就要心僟“ It is a Crystal Whitening Brightening Eye Mask.

For this two mask is $1.95 each.

Look forward to the Review of the Mask i bought @ Sasa ~


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