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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ ~❤

Mookata which is Thai BBQ had been in Singapore for a few years. However, I had yet tried it before till when my friends decided to have dinner at the mookata which located opposite 112 Katong. 

Instead of having q-ing outside the restaurant while waiting for your turn. They have this mobile apps which you can make reservation for your queue call. I like this concept as you do not need to stay in the queue while waiting for our turn. I get to shop or explore the place while waiting. THUMBS UP * 

 This Gold Plate Awards explained the huge crowd at the restaurant. I cant wait to try it out.

Part of their menu 

They had 3 different level of sauce ranging from mild to super spicy. However, I felt that the super spicy sauce does not really tasted the spicy to me, it is quite mild to me. I ended up dripping my food into all the three sauce together. If you are someone who cannot take spiciness, you can request for sweet chili from the staff.  The sweet chili was nice too.

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea had been my favorite drink ever since I was first introduce to it by my ex manager during my Bangkok business planning trip. I simply fell deeply in love with the sweetness of it. I admit I have a sweet tooth. The Thai Iced Tea that being served here was not bad but is not sweet enough for me. It had the authentic taste. However, I still prefer Thai Ice Tea in Bangkok as they are really sweet.

As recommended by friend, we tried their Tom Yam soup base instead of the normal soup base. The Tom Yam soup base was really good, it tasted even better after cooking the vegetables and meats in it.

Vegetable Platter

The platter consist of round cabbage, white cabbage, corn, kang kong, xiao bai cai, toufu, golden mushroom,egg and tunghoon. 

Meat Lover Platter

For meat lover, you will love it. It consist of quite a wide variety. It have a combination of pork collar, chicken thigh, sliced beef suriyaki, streaky bacon, shabu shabu, pork belly and premium sausages. 

Tom Yam Chicken Thigh

More food.. 

Set for 2 platter consist of marinated chicken (thigh), pork (collar), prawns, squid, suriyaki, streaky bacon, porkbelly, fishball, meatball, crabstick, otah fishcake.

We order additional ingredients like golden mushroom, shitakae mushroom, otah fishcake, cheese toufu, thai fishcake etc.

Time to makan ! 

Personally I feel that the UFO-liked grill made it a bit hard to barbecue the food as it kept on sliding down into the soup. Maybe, I am not really skilled in doing so as this the first time. I felt that meat take a bit longer time to cook as we will pile the meat on each other due to space constraint. As for the soup base, you can't throw in to cook a lot food at one go too. I love the tom yam soup when it thicken up a bit with all the essence and sweetness from all other ingredients. 

However, It is really delicious and a great dining experience if you are going out in big group. You get to chit chat with your friends more while waiting for the food to be cook. 

Dearest and Me

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103 East Coast Road
Singapore 428797

Tel : 6344 2985

Opening Hr :

Monday - Friday : 
1200 to 1500 ( Except Tues)
1700 to 2230 

Saturday - Sunday

1200 - 2300

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