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Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Saturday without you~❤

Don't get mistaken by my title. I am still attached with my dearest boyfriend. However, I had left my job as an interior designer due to various reasons. Even though, I really love interior design, I will not stop this passion.I will be sharing about interior design in this blog soon.

Back to today.

Today, is the first Saturday without you around. Even though this it not the first time that he have work during weekend. I miss you super badly. I know that you are working hard for our future and giving me a better life. But I really miss him. Even thought, we recently quarrel each other alot due to over work issue. I missed how you press down my chair but will always make sure I am safe.  Do you know you always give me the strength to continue fighting on. I am really sorry that I had been throwing tantrum here and there whenever I am stress. Sorry for letting you endure all the nonsense of me.

Thanks for being at my side supporting me, cheering for me all this while. Without you, I really dont know how am i to walk till now without you.


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