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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dream High !! ~❤

I had not been posting any updates recently due to my Health Insurance Exam yesterday ! The sad thing , i had yet pass my test , i am going to work hard for my re test this coming Mon night !! I will continue fighting for my agent license and position as a financial planner !

Other then studying , i had been watching " Dream High 2 " recently. The plot is about a group of teenagers in search of their dream in stardom !

With me, failing my paper yesterday. I had a talk with my boyfriend and fot some comfort from him too. Even thought he had been nagging at me but i really appreciate it deeply! Thanks to him, he pointed out one of my weak point ! I want to do and learn a lot of things and yet all i am doing with half effort ! Hmm.. It really make me think a lot.

I wanna to excel in my financial planner career, wanna to have my own biz in F&B " thekittyhouse " and " sweetieethotx" all is in planning , wanna to be a influencing blogger, wanna to learn korean , wanna learn dance and improve on my singing skills.. I am also in searching of the directions in my life. What i really wanna achieve at the end of the day. I wanna find the true me deep inside. How many of us, is living on people expectation. Jus like dancing to me , i had never though of learning dance but with the hope of having a gf as a dancer , i decided to give it a try. u know i wanna do alot of things but deep inside i also wanna shine in one , hoping to find something that i am good in.

In Dream High 2 , i love the part when " Haiseng aka Sora " wanna give up singing because everyone feel that she had no talent in it but however she found that she is good in composing instead through the help of her teacher who never give up on a song she wrote and never give up on helping her to shine and realise her dream !

For myself , i also hope that i also can find this something that i am really great in and really shine in it !

I know i should focus on my financial planner job and start craving a road toward success. I also hope i can realise my childhood dream of opening my own hello kitty cafe or a small cozy cafe with a boutique selling unique pieces that i bought in from different countries ~ Additional , i really hope yo participate and helping my boyfriend realise his dream of his own streetwear brand !!

So i had decided ! Since i really do t know which to let go , i decided to give all a try , hoping to find the real me ! But main focus, will still be my " bread " which is my financial planner job !

Let all work hard and dream high ! So what your dream ?


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